PSA to Wacom

The fact that even many professionals are switching to alternative drawing tablets from the likes of Huion and XP-Pen is really a testament to how terrible Wacom is.

They have ridden the tidal wave of simply being “the professional choice” for so many years and now that their efforts to innovate have been abysmal at best, they are reaping their weed-ridden crops.

It's the same story as with tech behemoths of the 60s and onward such as IBM, where they were seen as the great innovator of typewriters and computers (not exactly the whole truth, but I'm not getting in to that now). Nowadays, however, they are viewed as an old fashioned clunky business that pander to boomer executives, which isn't exactly true either, but it's a very common perception (I work with IBM products a lot) that it is so.

It's just really funny to see behemoths fall, not exactly schadenfreude but something deeper and more complex; a wish to see those who just ride their privileged position to heaven get a slight reality check. I'm basically asking them to git gud and stop whining about “cheap Chinese products undercutting their god given right to con the public with subpar American-made products”.

It's the same thing back in the days when Japanese cars got better than American cars because American manufacturers simply refused to innovate. It could be attributed to the ideology of kaizen, something that most high and mighty businesses forget is a thing, but it can also be attributed to the lack of an unattainable vision. If your vision is to simply “be the best drawing tablet manufacturer” then, when you're on the top, you have fulfilled your vision and there is nothing more to do. If you, however, have a vision to “empower users with tools that can be used by everyone”, then you can never stop innovating.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is:

suck it wacom lol get absolutely shit on