Gatekeep your culture

It always worries me that whenever I'm talking about Norse culture or showing appreciation for it, that I'm gonna get someone thinking that I sympathise with the right-wing chuds appropriating our heritage. Like I know I'm trying to take it back, but I still get this feeling.

That's one of the main reasons I don't wear any Norse symbols or anything, because without context it's really easy to jump to conclusion for others. That, and the fact that religious and spiritual stuff gives me anxiety.

If people think you're acting sus because you're wearing a Norse symbol, always remember that (these days at least) these symbols need context.

So say you have pins on your backpack, and you want to have Mjollnir or something. Maybe pair that with a progress pride pin or an Antifa pin, or something along those lines. That's excellent context.

It's really important that us Scandinavians actively gatekeep our heritage so that we can weed out Nazis from that stuff. That includes not being a dick to progressive people when they wanna use the symbols, or when someone frankly just didn't know that horns on helmets still weren't a thing.

Together we can take it back!