Coloniser and classist vegans: “Try not to bully people that cannot be vegan”-challenge

If you picture a white privileged person who interrupts BIPOCs, with a almond milk Starbucks venti frappe in LA, we have the same mental image of the coloniser vegan or classist vegan.

You know the type; the one who interrupts indigenous people, as in for example telling indigenous people living in a traditional manner over the arctic circle to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. They tell students and working class people the same thing; the one who tells the coal mine worker in Novosibirsk to eat their local avocado daily. Imagine telling someone that can barely afford to live even with a side gig that buying that pound of protein that they need to survive is a cardinal sin.

Fun fact: many students in the supposed “progressive socialist Oil Kingdom of Norway” barely have money for anything but pasta, despite:

  1. getting scholarships from the state
  2. getting loans from the state
  3. financial help from parents
  4. almost exclusively do co-inhabitation with other students

The first three points are signs of incredible privilege. Ordering people with or with out these privileges to only drink soy and consume seitan is, in both senses of the word, really fucking rich. Just for reference, a litre of soy milk here is around 3 EUR while a litre of cow's milk is technically under 1 EUR if you buy the 1.75L carton. That's a lot of fucking money if you are a poor student. That's still a lot of money for me, and I have a job.

The people who you are shouting at are often the same people who pay at least half of their wage to landlords (whom shouldn't exist) and that in many countries don't even have access to free healthcare. How can you expect them to conform to a very expensive and time consuming diet? Think at least five cubits outside your own bubble, it's not that hard!

These often the same people who will feed their “purse dog (or cat)” vegan food, even though it's really bad for them to do so (especially cats). And I'm pretty sure that, in the same breath, they'd also condemn indigenous hunting practices because “being vegan is civilised” or some racist bullshit.

Newsflash cracker: Many societies had vegetarian and vegan diets long before your sorry soy-sipping ass, such as early vegetarian Hindus and followers of Jainism.

So please stop. You're the reason asshole dudebros meat-eaters have leverage. Getting to eat what you want is a privilege, one that many don't have. Work for decent workers rights so people have the possibility and time to think about animal rights and ecology. Stop dictating poor people's diet. Stop dictating indigenous people's diet.

People will go vegetarian and vegan when they want to or have the chance to. In the meantime, shut up.

Here are some further resources to read if you are interested:

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