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If you picture a white privileged possibly gay “yas queen” person who interrupts BIPOCs, with a almond milk Starbucks venti frappe in LA, we have the same mental image of the coloniser vegan or classist vegan, if the latter is more applicable for the situation.

You know the type; the one who interrupts BIPOC/indigenous people, as in for example telling indigenous people living in a traditional manner over the arctic circle to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. They tell students and working class people the same thing; the one who tells the coal mine worker in Novosibirsk to eat their local avocado daily. Imagine telling someone that can barely afford to live even with a side gig that buying that pound of protein that they need to survive is a cardinal sin.

Fun fact: many students in the supposed “socialist Oil Kingdom of Norway” barely have money for anything but pasta, despite:

  1. getting scholarships from the state
  2. getting loans from the state
  3. financial help from parents
  4. almost exclusively do co-inhabitation with other students

The first three points are signs of incredible privilege. Ordering people with or with out these privileges to only drink soy and consume seitan is, in both senses of the word, really fucking rich. Just for reference, a litre of soy milk here is around 3 EUR while a litre of cow's milk is technically under 1 EUR if you buy the 1.75L carton.

That's a lot of fucking money if you are a poor student. That's still a lot of money for me, and I have a job.

You might think I'm hating, but this is coming from a place of good faith. Currently I'm OL (with the occasional P) veg. but I would no way in hell get enough protein-dense foods if I was still on a student budget. I tried once, and I became malnutritioned in the protein department. Now I'm doing much better, luckily, even though I should probably have more protein. Could I go vegan in my current financial and health situation? Unlikely, just like it's highly unlikely that most working class people can. The same people who pay at least half of their wage to landlords (whom shouldn't exist) and that in many countries don't even have access to free healthcare. How can you expect them to conform to a very expensive and time consuming diet?? Think at least five cubits outside your own bubble, it's not that hard!

So please stop. You're the reason asshole dudebros meat-eaters have leverage. Getting to eat what you want is a privilege, one that most of us don't have. Work for decent workers rights so people have the possibility and time to think about animal rights and ecology. Stop dictating indigenous people's diet. Stop dictating poor people's diet.

Recently, I've decided to “analogise” parts of my music library, as well as buy new music on physical formats.

I've never been a big fan of music streaming for several reasons so I usually keep most my music locally on my drive. This has caused it to grow to such a large amount that I really don't know how to manage my library in a way that's satisfying. I also hate deleting stuff, so that kinda pushed me towards having a physical collection of the music I really enjoyed listening to.

I went for cassette. I thought for a long time about MiniDisc, but ended up ditching that idea mostly because of the portable devices being really hard to repair compared to the bulkier cassette decks. LPs would probably be a natural choice for many, but they are vastly more expensive than cassettes and you cannot really cut your own vinyls. I've seen some that have tried and yeah... no.

So why cassettes? I just like it; the whole process. Despite the occasional wow and flutter of the tape and it being a pain in the ass to transfer to tape flawlessly, I really like cassettes. I haven't really formalised exactly why I like it so much, but I think the tactility and just novelty of it really draws me in. There is so much to learn from (what I would categorise as) obscure manuals and forums.


I'm really a fan of my cheap wireless earbuds and while they might not be as high fidelity as my daily drivers, being the Audio Technica ATH-R70x, they are a great help when doing stuff not at my desk.

Therefore, to modernise my ancient setup consisting of a NAD 6155 cassette deck, I connected it to my computer through the line-in port. From there, I can use a Bluetooth adapter to connect to my earbuds. For the most part it works. It is far from perfect, but it works. So yeah, I listen to my cassettes wirelessly. Beat that, audiophile techbros with Android-based DAPs.

Next steps

I'll continue to update my library of physical music and write about it. I'll also expand into more formats and MiniDisc is something I'm looking at as a next step in this ludicrous journey, especially since I just found a great way to manage MiniDiscs with a FOSS project. I'm also looking at a portable cassette player, but the decent ones are quite expensive even if it just has Dolby B, of which is decent enough for me on a portable player.

If you are interested, you can follow my growing collection of music.

Update 17-07-2020

Acquired the Sony Walkman WM-EX334 and after some tuning and cleaning it plays quite well! It has almost no scratches on the exterior, has Dolby B and all that for 150 PLN. Sound quality is not the best, but still quite impressed with it.

This is a test post just to check if my federation works. Probably not, as my ability to fuck up in the command line can reach inhumane limits. Let's hope for the best.